Friday, July 31, 2009

Fri. July 31
Ok, its been awhile, and a relief not to feel the need to write every day. It also feels good not to have to worry about every calorie in and out!!! My weight has hovered between 139.4 and 141.7 the last 2 weeks. What I wrote several weeks ago pretty much summed up how I feel so I won’t repeat it. I am so happy I did this; it taught me a lot about myself, and it made turning 50 no big deal because I have worked on it and thought about it for so many months!
I might continue with a different blog about the life of a personal trainer. Stay tuned!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fri. 7.10.09 thru sun. 7.12. was a big party with no regard for calories going in and no wkt. except for walking around a lot with Scott. We visited some cool places in the city; had tons of snacks and drinks at different restaurants and GOT ENGAGED!!! HOLY CRAP!

I am posting the final pictures that were at my best about 1 week before we left for north Dakota and add some more thoughts later this week. I know you might not think these pictures look that great, but when I see myself in the mirror this way it looks awesome. Then of course after I eat breakfast it's over!!! No, more discussion to come.
Thur. 7.9.09
Night of my birthday party!!
Oatmeal with iced coffee
-didn’t want to eat a lot but also didn’t want to show up starving
-small veggie/shrimp soup
-small frozen yogurt
-small salad with veggies
-individual bag of chips
-lots of wine at the party-!
-we bought thin crust pizza for the party; had them cut into small squares and I had about 6; probably the equivalent of 2-2.5slices of regular pizza

60 min. cardio
Heavy cable/ab wkt you have heard of before
Wed. 7.8.09
Trying to salvage myself a few days before my birthday but I have pictures that can’t be beat from a week ago that are going to be it!!
-oatmeal and iced coffee
-medium tomato veggie soup
-small frozen yogurt
-half grilled veggie Panini
-bean broth soup
-2 glasses wine

Rode my bike so got in about 25 miles
Tue. 7.7.09
Flew out of north Dakota at 8am; brought leftover pizza with us
-I had 3 slices---it seems very light
-one tiny package nuts on the plane
-1 gin and tonic
-got home and took a nap, then
-had a huge salad with lots of veggies

No wkt.
Mon. 7.6.09
One slice of that great bread toasted with jam.
Went to Fargo to visit Scott’s uncle with the antique cars. Afterwards we went to the Sons of Norway community hall for lunch-surprisingly good!
-grilled cheese sandwich with onion and tomato
-potato chips
-got some super cracker-thin pizza for dinner; had about 4 slices-equivalent of about 2 normal slices-?
-3 beers

Did the 70 min. and a few leg raises; extremely proud of myself!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

sun. july 5th
totally happy with the way my midsection looked this morning...really proud of myself!!muffin; half slice of bread we bought at a fair-with jam-big bowl of berries. we stayed up too late last night.
-grilled salmon for dinner; with salad and grilled veggies; 2 gin and tonics
-chips and salsa

Went out in the afternoon to run and it was hot. Just about turned around and did the 15 min. promise--if I go 15 min. and don't feel like it, I can stop. So I went for one hour; just did small laps because of the heat and didn't want to get too far away from the house. Extremely proud of myself.